Seemingly, Seatle attempted to increase wages much like Canada’s NDP wants to do. In a piece dated 10 August 2015 Wolf stated that such a plan would make businesses with low profit margins such as restaurants go out of business. The NDP, however, would apparantly take responsibility for the costs of the wage increase by abolishing the Canadian senate. Thomas Mulcare, the leader of the NDP, suggests that the plan has been costed out.

Mulcare seemingly misses, however, that the province that got him elected, Quebec, wants to keep the Senate as do some English-speaking Canadians such as the one on this side of the keyboard. There are others who probably agree with the NDP leader, though I expect, If Mulcare continues his stance, Canadians will see a researgence of the separatist party in Quebec, the Bloc Quebecios. It was 9 June 2015 that the National Media reported that the Separatist party, and its leader, Gilles Duceppe, was making a comback.

Unlike some predictions in the election of 2011, I knew that the people liked the ideas of the late NDP leader, Jack Layton – he had real Canadian values, according to the population of Quebec. Since Stephen Harper took power, coupled with that polls suggest, on 16 August, that Canada might again have Stephen Harper in a Minority Parliament. I venture that the Bloc will again take this province. If this happens in October, it will be a joy to see Harper put in his place by the separatists.

Wolf: http://dailycaller.com/2015/08/10/report-seattle-restaurants-suffer-worse-job-loss-since-the-great-recession/

CBC Senate Abolishion: http://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/ndp-leader-tom-mulcair-says-he-ll-seek-mandate-for-senate-abolition-1.3107870



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