Russia and the Ukraine

The first argument I would like to make is that in Russia, Putin may well be on the right side of history. I remember at the time around annexing Crimea, the president that the West replaced with its own ally was in favour of uniting with its larger neighbour.

The Ukraine has a long history as part of the Soviet Union, longer than its history as an independent state. If I recall correctly, citizens of the Ukraine want to rejoin Russia for a number of reasons, the top including health care. As I recall, the article gave a very positive view of the health care system. As the reader is aware, if you are healthy, this is around 90 percent of the battle. When healthy, one can do almost anything.

I’m not writing as to whether the Ukrainians should join Russia. As a Canadian, what happens in this part of the globe is not my concern. The Russians appear to be for the reunification as do the Ukrainians. The deposed leadership for the unification was suddenly replaced with a pro-Western Petro Poroshenko, and suddenly the Canadians, who assist globally but ignore and disgrace their native populations, and their poor, point fingers at Vladimir Putin for Russian action? Give me a break, Stevie! We Canadians haven’t had a right to intervene in global affairs since our prime minister started taking sides in battles – like Israel-Palestine. Some Canadians take the opposite side that Harper takes and don’t take kindly to the bovine excrement that emanates out of the PM’s mouth.

We have our own problems with a separatist Quebec, who could possibly gain power. Because he hasn’t had to listen to the province – because they voted a national party in to power – Harper thinks that he has the privilege of yelling at other states. The Conservatives can’t even treat us as citizens. They treat us like little, pesky, pee-ons between elections, only to buy our vote before an election. They inherited a $15-30 Billion surplus, wasted it and took us into debt, and have never been able to bring Canada back into a proper surplus. Free from the issues of a separatist province,the Conservative Party has felt free to blow passed and ignore Opposition questions because there is no threat the break up of the Federation, while shoveling abuse to other states.

Our perceived troubles of Russia and the Ukraine are not concerns to Canadians, unless the citizen is from the region; and if a Canadian citizen, they are among many other Canadians who don’t have enough information to make a judgement, We need to stay out of an internal fight, much as the international community has veered away from our issue with Quebec.


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