Omar Khadr

There’s something seriously wrong with a leader’s mental state, the leader of a global state, Canada, when that leadership leaves one of his own citizens who was still a child, a 15 year old teenager, in a torture cell set up by the United States, in yet another state, Cuba. It has been 13 years since Khadr was thrown in prison in Guantanimo Bay, and there has been many times that parliament has met that they could have repatriated one who lived in a cell absent any legal protections as he would have had, had he been imprisoned within Canada(1).

Edney used the term “bigot” (2) in referring to a man holding office who could easily repatriate the now 28 year old, but chose not to. Stephen Harper seems to have an image complex and rather than doing the nasty, dirty, filthy things that leaders need to do to make sure the citizens are safe and secure, he does things that protect his image.

We have a prime minister who seems to neglect his citizens as pee-ons right after winning an election and treats us like Royalty leading up to on – because he needs us at that point (3). Case in point: he fired all of the government scientists in 2008 after trying to muzzle them in 2006(4), and “cancelled the Court Challenges Program” in 2008(5). Now, with C-51 passing on 6 May 2015, many people will be imprisoned and prosecuted for peaceful protest. On this last one, I wonder if, since protesters are going to get arrested and prosecuted anyway, they just might turn every protest violent? I am in no way even inciting violence, and if you do protest violently, I am not the one that started it because I did not say you could – everything one does should always regard keeping peace, but I am saying that the idiots that have this majority should really think about the Nazi dictatorship that the Conservative leadership is developing Canada to be, where it is almost against the law to go against what they say.




3. 2011 election run-up





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