Originally posted Friday, 21, August 2015, when added to “Privilege sucks”

At nearly this time at the Grandville Waterfront Station I was on my way to the Seabus when witnessing a white woman in her early 20s shoo away a poor black woman in her 50s after the latter, I assume, asked the former for some spare change. After seeing this, I walked up to the former and demanded that she check her privilege before chasing down the black woman to give her two dollars. After this act I turned to a second woman who witnessed my giving change who really liked what she saw to mention about the first white-woman’s response, my response to her, and we parted. I cursed and was very pissed off at white-privilege and the image of first woman during my trek to the Seabus.

Life is tough enough on people; why do people have to be so blatantly ignorant to treat those with less as bothersome? Why is it that we can’t each be kind enough to give but a quarter each time we’re asked by the less fortunate for spare change? And if we can’t, how much does it really cost to treat those with less with the respect and dignity that we give to others, like bosses or police officers?


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