Canada, under threat of terrorism?

Since Zehaf-Bibeau attacked Parliament on 2014 October 22, the Canadian Broadcaasting Corporation (CBC) has stated that Canada is under threat of terrorism, as if this stupid public corporation wants to make the citizens fear for our safety and livelihood. Nothing makes this author angrier than to have some idiots broadcasting on what used to be a beloved institution suggesting that a criminal act means that I ought be afraid. Bibeau’s target was Stephen Harper, as he stated on video left on the phone in his car. I too felt that the exclusivity in policies dreamt up by Harper invoked similar feelings, though with the studies at Simon Fraser University I expected that a future election would rid us of his attacks against the Canadian citizenry. I hope that we can collectively remember the divisiveness that the Conservatives bring to the state of Canada that we refrain from the same mistake. Canada has never been nor is likely to be under threat of terrorism and I have quit keeping up on current events via the CBC because of this lie to the public.


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