ISIS communications

The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, aka: ISIS. What do we do about ISIS? The group have now created an Android app to communicate(?) and recruit(?) ( Before this battle between Suni and Shia Muslims, the two sects of Christianity, Catholics versus Protestants, were battling it out between each other for supremacy. Maybe the problem is the idea of religion itself.

From a politically scientific standpoint, a future without religion is inconceivable because it has always been part of us. But has it? If we look at any of the so-called “hard sciences, especially those with a large time-span such as Cosmology, there is no room for the Earth to be created in seven days. Even if we take an idea I heard that “It’s impossible to understand (a deity) so how can we understand (its) day; what it (its) day is a billion years long” that still doesn’t satisfy our – the cosmologist’s – curiosity that the universe is far older than than a mere six – eight billion years old. A photo of a bible was making the rounds on Twitter with the caption: “The Bible: because a book written by a bunch of guys who did’t know where the sun went at night must have all the answers”. As a political scientist, I have been inculcated not to take sides but make decisions based on evidence, and the evidence makes a pretty convincing case for being in atheism.

My main point is: Why do people have to kill other people? The political scientist has an easy answer: “life in the state of nature of man is solitary, poor, nasty, brutish and short”(Hobbes, 1648); but I am a Qigong master (with over 20 years of practice in Wai Tan Gong) too, and this side believes along with the Atheists that it is possible to live in peace. The political scientist goes further to state that “each gives up his right” by nature to everything and anything he finds, including the right to take another life, to the state” (author unknown) which fits sort of with the Qigong master, except that with the speed at which reading minds takes place, little room is left for disagreement – to the point that you need to kill or go to war over said disagreement.

We ought to give Wai Tan Gong to all the Muslims, perhaps they would stop fighting. The reason that the practice of Qigong in general and my form more specifically is not generally known has probably to do with medicine. If everyone were doing the practice over a number of years, the health industry, a multi-billion dollar industry, would go out of business when people cease getting ill. Qigong, with all its benefits, is a detriment to Western medicine – though a boon to acupuncture.

So ISIS has a recruiting app on Android. I choose to carry a BlackBerry 10 device rather than an Android or the iShit phone, and although one can install Android apps on BlackBerry 10, and I could install this app to say more about it, at the present time I really would rather stay with BlackBerry native apps.


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