Greece and communism


If anyone knows the true, text-book definition of Communism as opposed to the meaning the media and US government and people ascribe to the idea, over the week I heard through al Jezera at Dio.Me, a company in Greece that sold “grout and acrylics” (Hadid) before the state’s financial troubles to what now is a communist company; the workers have taken over, “who refuse to fall into unemployment and depression” (ibid.) so says the label on one of their new products: bar soap. It may be, however, a little presumptious on this author’s part to call Communism what is done for necessity rather than revolt, but just because it is accomplished out of necessity ought not deminish the point that the empoloyees took over.

This took place, so they said in the article, as “a factory was doomed [were it not] for the ingenuity of its workers” (Hadid) . The employees changed the company’s operation from “producing grout and acrylics to making environmentally friendly soaps and cleaning products”. They wanted to produce “things that are cheap and affordable” (ibid.).

The employees were laid off when the bosses left.

A hallmark of Communism, “decisions are now taken collectively” someone at the company with the first name Alexis, and last name I couldn’t get off Al Jezera’s Youtube video, said that “no one takes a decision alone. We don’t have bosses; we’re all equals.”

Hadid said that it is of the only companies, if not the only one, in Greece that survives today. Perhaps for Greece to stay the Euro and thrive, it will take on a socialist structure at least until the state becomes commercially viable again. Some of us, expecially so of us who study political science, have a neutral stance when it comes to communism, as it is just a mode of organisation, as capitalism is; and it the former works for a given state, we have no problem. Of course there are others who will disagree and suggest that communism will never work, and they are of course free to their opinions, but the sociallist structure adopted by Dio.Me appears very much to be working for the company.


Al Gazera:


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