North Korea

I first read in The Guardian BlackBerry app on Sunday, 07 February 2016, that North Korea launched a long range rocket. The Guardian stated that the United Nations (UN) Security Council met to consider a “responce” (Gayle). The article, as is probably true of others, mentioned “serious consequences after (the state) launched the rocket … indefiance of international sanctions banning it from using ballistic missile technology” (ibid.).While somewhat concerning, I don’t think that a massive response is the best course of action.

The best course of action from a Wai Tan Kung master’s point of view is to take a cool, laid-back response. Personally, I would send myself over as those who have practiced Wai Tan Kung for some time, and perhaps other Qigongs, have the ability to perceive thoughts acurately. The global response, particularly of sanctions, could have the effect – arguably is having the effect – of pushing a regime bent probably of peaceful development into a reaction that no one wants.

Perhaps it is more the media’s fault, perhaps the Security Council, that turn something peaceful into something that we have to worry about. North Korea’s position perhaps is that of scientific discovery. Who is Ban Ki-moon to condemn the state’s acts as “deeply deplorable and urged North Korea to halt itd provokative actions”. Thinking from Kim Jung-un’s perspective, if I had peaceful intentions and was intimidated by others, it is possible that the UN and the Security Council could provide enough pressure to push a person to do those things that they fear. Hopefully Kim is more powerful psychologically and can resist that push.

One thing that a political scientist learns is that people – especially leaders of state – listen to those who with nuclear capability. Perhaps this is Kim Jung-un’s, and by extension, North Korea’s goal – to get the global community to pay them some respect. One can make a rather accurate assumption that the republican’s especially in the US look at North Korea with distain and disrespect. Perhaps North Korea’s goal is simply to change that, and if you look globally, the states that get respect, and are not friends of the United States (US), have nuclear weapons / capability.

Instead of focusing on preventing what might take placein our darkest fantasies, it might be better to accept the good that comes from being positive. I believe that the better stance is to ignore the US and side with China. Those who side with the UN slide right into the fear they stoke. I’ll never forget the errors made by the US as I went over them in semester after semester learning that they didn’t take in the concerns of the other side.


Gayle, Damien. “North Korea rocket launch: UN to hold emergency meeting” accessed 07 February 2016 at 10:28 PST