Terrorism? In Canada? The attack on the Canadian Parliament.

In 2015 theĀ  parliament buildings were raided by a lone gunman who the prime minister has ardently linked to terrorism. If the reader will allow an opinion: the poor lone Muslim man probably was only after Stephen Harper because of his decision to send bombing planes into Iraq and Syria. If the man had any links to a terrorist group, I really doubt that he would have left a video as evidence of his true intentions. What would have happened instead is that he would have strapped a bomb to himself and destroyed not just the prime minister, but the parliament building itself and everyone inside.

Being an alumni from Simon Fraser University in Burnaby, British Columbia, I spent my undergrad degree joining the Friday communal prayer because, rather than escaping the grip of what had been drummed into my head as the worst possible ideas of a religion, and the fear the media inculcated me since the 2001 attacks on US soil, my friend – a Muslim woman – invited me to join the prayer on this day. I have been joining the prayer nearly every Friday since this invite in 2006 and can say with great confidence that all people who practice this religion are some of the most peaceful people that you would likely meet.

The man who attacked parliament probably wanted to assassinate prime minister only; he even made reference to only Stephen Harper in the video left behind on his smart phone. If he were part of a larger terrorist organisation who was bent on destroying parliament, he would not likely leave a video on his phone speaking of the what his intentions were, and instead of hiding around a corner for Kevin Vickers to find, would have blown himself up inside the ancient building, destroying it and everyone inside.

Harper is putting forth a version of events probably in the hopes of scaring the Canadian population so that we’ll vote him in again, and suffer more environmental, economic, and political degradation.