The people at Red Hat and Fedora Linux SUCK!!!

I have used Fedora Linux since it branched off and became Red Hat’s free open source (OS) computing platform- about 2004 – and I really enjoy the flexibility on the programming side. I have used the software through my political science degree even on campus doing statistics with R and where this computer lab’s entire Microsoft Window’s computers crashed, the Linux computer I brought with me kept going. I enjoy using Linux, and will fight to use OS programs on Linux given that they may not exist, because Linux doesn’t crash, and Fedora is the best flavour of Linux for me.

The people at Fedora, however, are, well, they suck. After getting some classes finished toward my degree, they didn’t like my contributions, so in about 2011 instead of meeting in person and finding out that which is behind my concern, they decided to boot me out of their club. After so much time one would think that they would forgive such verbosity and offer to help a fellow Linux user using their software, but I still can’t ask for help on their LinkedIn page, and because they are as arrogant, I assume that they won’t let me ask anything in their emailing group either.


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